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Mandiri University Training Management System

Mandiri University Training Management System is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of instructor-led-training programs. Mandiri TMS are focused on back-office processes and are considered a tool for corporate training administrators as such, a training management system acts as a central enterprise resource planning (ERP) software specific to the training industry.

Goals and Purpose

The training management process includes managing and maintaining training records of any organization. A TMS manages back-office processes for corporate instructor-led-training administration, and typically handles session registration, course administration, tracking, effective monitoring, and reporting. Somes TMS also manage financial aspects, including budget forecasting and cost-tracking. TMSs are often used by regulated industries for compliance training. TMS can be complemented by other learning technologies such as a learning management system for e-learning management and course delivery.


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Training Management System, Web Application

Project Developed

18 Januari 2019